How to Price Your Home to Sell - Step-By-Step Instructions - Broker Advice


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In this episode I'm going to teach you how to price your home accurately to sell, like the Pro's. Step-by-step instructions with a downloadable sheet will help you price your home accurately to sell for the most money for your homes condition.
I will teach a for sale by owner how to price their home for sale. You will know what to sell your home for by following my step-by-step instructions. You won’t have to guess, by doing what I teach, you will know how to figure out a homes value in todays market and you will know without a doubt if you priced your home correctly.
What happens when you are pricing your home too high instead of pricing your home right from the beginning? I'll explain why this is not a good thing.
Option 1 - Valuate your home yourself - this video will teach you EXACTLY how to do this.
Option 2 - You can get a home appraisal.
Option 3 - Get a Real Estate Broker/Agent.
-They do all this pricing homework for you.
- They know the market and it's fluctuations.
- They are trained and have the software right on the MLS to help come up with an accurate market price.
-History shows that they yield a higher selling price than a FSBO.
If you would like one on the Agent/Brokers in My network to help you, click here.
Excel Worksheet (no contact info needed)
By doing your homework + pricing your home right from the beginning = selling your home fast and for top dollar.
00:00 Introduction
00:33 Steps you DO NOT want to do
01:57 "We Can Always Drop Later" (Starting too high)
02:41 You have 3 Options (see above)
02:54 Step-By-Step Instructions for How to price your home to sell for top dollar
06:10 Homes that Didn't Sell and some Possible Reasons Why
07:49 County Site to Find Recently Sold Properties
09:10 For Sale by Owner or Agent/Broker
09:30 Putting in All Together
10:32 Additional Tips Sellers Market vs. Buyers Market
12:17 Constantly Watch the Market
12:38 Conclusion
In this short video, you will learn how to compare your home to others on the market (your competition) and the homes that recently sold and you can do this without outside help.
BUT, if you would like my (or any other broker/agents in my network) help, make sure you reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.
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