What Are Home Contingencies and What Are Your Options - Broker Advice


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What Are Home Contingencies and What Are Your Options - Broker Advice to help you get through the most common contingencies when you receive an offer on your home.
When you receive an offer with contingencies for your home, that means that there are certain conditions that must be met before the buyer can buy and close on your home.
This video will go over the most common contingencies, if you should accept an offer with contingencies, your options and tips with negotiating and getting your home from for sale to sold.
During a Sellers Market it is common for the appraisal to come in low. In this video I will explain your options when this happens.
CTG is an abbreviation for contingent. This means the Seller accepted and offer for their home with contingencies.
00:00 Intro
00:09 What a contingency is
00:23 The Home Contingency
00:39 Your Options (More than 4)
02:05 The Appraisal Contingency
02:30 Your options if your Appraisal comes in low
03:36 The Financing Contingency
03:51 Get a strong pre-approval
04:41 The Home Sale Contingency
05:28 The Kick -Out Clause Explained
06:11 Closing
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