It’s 1988 and Britain has gone bezerk: Part 1 – Death on The Rock


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In the spring of 1988, Britain lost its mind. Public executions. Lynching. A gunfight at a funeral. Unforeseen consequences for the makers of Count Duckula and Danger Mouse. We’re genuinely surprised you don’t remember.

In the first of a three part series, we return to March 1988, when the SAS used lethal force to prevent an IRA bomb attack in Gibraltar, when in retrospect they didn’t have to. Or, if you’re less charitable, the British government straight up murdered three people, in public, all unarmed and two actively trying to surrender.

Along the way, Teletext! Now 10! SAILAWAYSAILAWAYSAILAWAY! Lethal sofas! Prince Charles almost dies skiing off-piste with Tara Palmer Tompkinson’s mum (not a euphemism)!

John wonders why Dale Winton never got a “fake death” myth. Gareth almost gets a cameo in “Almost Sunny”. Claire is reminiscent of a sexy fish or an allegory for the Nazis. John Stonehouse dies again.

What is your favourite ever Teletext page by the way? Do let us know! Seriously. We would love to know!

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But this week it isn’t.

“This really is an evocative song”

There is praise for Paul Rose/Mr Bffo and Scottish Murders

One dog was harmed in the making of this podcast. But not by us.

Though you repent and don sackcloth and try to make nice, you can't cross the same river twice

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