Online Conference Gerd Leonhard Sustainability & Capitalism - 12MAR2020


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Online Conference presented by Futurist Gerd Leonhard. More at (download the slides there, as well) Watch the 1st Webinar on YouTube here: Guest panelists Tim Leberecht: Anton Musgrave: Brad Templeton: 1. Carbon Taxes: We must embrace the reality that wide-ranging and disruptive carbon taxes are pretty much inevitable. 2. The Quadruple Bottom Line: The much debated shift to shareholder- (not just shareholder-) value is likely to reboot stock-markets around the world in the next decade, as we transition to what I call the quadruple bottom-line: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity 3. Responsible Investing: 2020 marks the beginning of a New Renaissance as responsible investing – and rapid divestment from fossil fuels... 4. The humanly sustainable use of technology: Too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing: technology should be magic, not manic or even toxic... Watch the Webinar here:

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