#14 (EN): The Future of Work & Open Innovation with Prof. Pamela Hinds from Stanford


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Globalization, automation, the rise of the gig economy... The way we work and what “work” itself means will change significantly in the years to come and remarkable transformations are up ahead. One person who’s been thinking about and studying the future of work for decades is Prof. Pamela Hinds, Co-Director of the Center on Work, Technology, and Organization (WTO) in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University in Silicon Valley. Pamela studies the effect of technology on teams and collaboration. Most recently, Pamela has been looking at the changing nature of work in the face of emerging technologies, including the nature of coordination in open innovation. The Sparkr Podcast now presents a conversation with Pamela which dates back to 2017. Even though three years have passed since the conversation, Pamela’s insights and thoughts still hold value today. We talked about what “work” means today and how it’s changing in the future, why a strong sense of purpose is increasingly important, why she doesn’t like the concept of “best practices” or why it is crucial for executives and decision makers of all kinds to become more data literate. For more exciting conversations with leading minds in leadership, technology and innovation, please subscribe to the Sparkr Podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your favorite shows. You can find the blog post about this conversation (and many more interesting conversations) here: http://sparkr.ch/sparkr-podcast-14-future-of-work-open-innovation-pamela-hinds-stanford/

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