#21 (EN): Better with Less - The Power of Frugal Innovation with Navi Radjou


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Frugal innovation is a mindset and innovation approach that has its origins in the developing world where amazing innovations and products are developed in the most difficult of environments. In this episode, you‘ll get to know numerous inspiring examples of frugal innovation from India, Africa and beyond. That said, the power of frugal innovation can also be harvested in the rich economies of the gobal North and be applied by small and large organizations alike. Frugal innovation even has the potential to transform the entire economy for the better - towards a more sustainable and socially inclusive way of doing business. My conversation partner in this episode is the leading frugal innovation expert Navi Radjou (www.naviradjou.com). In this interview he shares decades worth of his rich experience and insights. Besides inspiring examples of frugal innovation from all around the world we also learn some key principles and best practices so also you can apply the effective innovation mindset in your specific context. So get ready for this engaging conversation with Navi - the Indian-French-American innovation & leadership thinker, TED speaker, contributor in the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship and co-author of the book „Frugal Innovation“. PS: This conversation was recorded at the "Trend Day" conference by Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) in Zurich in March 2022. To learn more about the great GDI, please visit https://www.gdi.ch/en. *** For more exciting conversations with leading minds in leadership, technology and innovation, please SUBSCRIBE to the Sparkr Podcast on your favorite platform (i.e. Apple Podcast, Spotify, Overcast etc.) And if you like‘d this show please consider leaving a nice RATING. That‘s very much appreciated and helps the show. *** Sparkr is an agency for change makers. Sparkr and the host of this show – Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen – provide assistance and advice with organizing innovation ecosystems, craft innovation strategies and serve as sparring partners or workshop-hosts for leaders and innovators. Feel free to get in touch with Christian on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-lundsgaard-hansen/) or check out Sparkr on https://sparkr.ch/en/ ***

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