#19 (EN): Explorer Bertrand Piccard - A crisis is an adventure you refuse


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Bertrand Piccard is an exceptional person. As adventurer, explorer and psychiatrist he flew around the world with the Orbiter 3 balloon which was the longest flight in human history and outcompeted famous billionaire Richard Branson when doing so. After breaking records with Orbiter 3, Bertrand Piccard set out to push the boundaries of the impossible again and after many years of perseverance and innovation, Piccard flew around the world in the first maned solar powered airplane known as Solar Impulse. Today he uses his influence and the Solar Impulse Foundation to collect more than 1000 profitable technologies who will contribute to a more sustainable future. In this inspiring and personal podcast conversation we dive deep into what Bertrand Piccard learnt about taking risks, about getting back up after failures, making hard decisions, shifting paradigms and moving the boundaries of the impossible. Also, the power of the mind and how to train it became a recurring theme during the conversation thanks to his experience as a psychiatrist and hypnosis specialist. Please enjoy this rich conversation which was recorded at the Swiss FinTech Awards Night 2021. The Swiss FinTech Awards are organized and made possible by Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, Sparkr and many other partners and they award outstanding start-ups and influencers in the field of fintech.

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