#17 (EN): Sustainability - Insights from a fascinating researcher and social entrepreneur


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Welcome back dear listeners to this next episode of the Sparkr Podcast where it is my pleasure to talk to bright and inspiring people about their mindsets and insights on important topics from the world of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation or leadership. This time I talked to Ulrike Pfreundt who's a smart and passionate ocean biologist turning social entrepreneur with a lot of insights to share in the area of sustainability, climate change and her specialty: coral reefs. With her young non-profit organization called rrreefs (www.rrreefs.com) she uses a blend of science, art and interesting technologies with the goal to have a positive impact on the environment by saving the rapidly dying coral reefs on this planet. Until the 18 December 2020 you have the opportunity to support her cause by contributing to her crowdfunding campaign! Check out their website www.rrreefs.com. You'll be surprised to learn in this episode how crucial and how far the importance of coral reefs go or how Ulrike and her co-founder are using 3D printing technology to build artificial reefs with clay. Furthermore, we'll talk about how to deal with complexity, how to communicate complex topics - in science or anywhere for that matter, to what extend technological progress can help us with the challenge that is climate change and more. So please sit back and enjoy this conversation with Ulrike Pfreundt.

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