197. How To Create Irresistible Offers with Deadline Funnel Founder Jack Born


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How To Create Irresistible Offers with Deadline Funnel Founder Jack Born "Everyone likes to buy but nobody likes to be sold to". Have you heard that phrase before? 'Purchase facilitation' works better than 'selling'. And a large part of facilitating a purchase is having an irresistible offer​.​ ​​ Creating irresistible offers is an art. In this conversation, Jack Born — the founder of Deadline Funnel — and I discuss the elements that make up an irresistible offer — one of which is genuine scarcity. In this conversation, Jack explains how his software Deadline Funnel creates genuine scarcity. We also talk about several other elements that make up a successful offer. Links Mentioned: * www.deadlinefunnel.com * www.jackborn.com * www.GetMeToDone.com * www.Productiveinsights.com * www.YouTube.com/ProductiveInsights * https://productiveinsights.com/the-eisenhower-matrix/ Book Mentioned: * The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less Related Episodes: * 186. How To Use The 80 20 Principle For Business Growth By Working Effectively with Perry Marshall * 140. Andre Chaperon — Email Marketing Genius And Creator of Auto Responder Madness * 176. The Alter Ego Effect With Todd Herman * 170. Ryan Deiss From Digital Marketer Reveals The 5-Step Conversion Funnel That Turbo-Charges Your Business Growth Ash Roy and Jack Born Video Transcript (This transcript has been auto-generated. Artificial Intelligence is still in the process of perfecting itself. There may be some errors in transcription): Ash Roy (00:00): You may be the best and write beautifully, but if it's the wrong words or it's addressing the wrong problem, it's not going to work. So I really think copywriting is about really understanding your customer and empathizing with them. Jack Born (00:13): Absolutely. Well said. Ash Roy (00:20): Welcome to the productive insights podcast. This is Ash Roy, the founder of productiveinsights.com and the host of the productive insights podcast. If you're watching this on YouTube, please do subscribe and like this video so that more people can get to it. And if you're listening to it on iTunes, I highly recommend you watch it on YouTube. You can access it@youtube.com forward slash productive insights. I'm very excited to welcome Jack Born a person I've known for some time now who's moved from the US to Australia in the last few months,

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