#JTOL Political Exhaustion


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Sorry about this long overdue episode, but you have a project that you have to fight yourself to complete? But here it is...finally. We tried to avoid politics but we couldn't . And Boughetto's tired of it. A decent drinking game could be made of each time B drops the "F" this week. The Presidential race. The Baltimore Mayoral race. Bill Clinton gets another Millie with his foolishness. SheBe was salty about Hil at Black Girl Rocks. The PC Time joke that should have never happened. Black Chyna Kardashian. Bow Wow get's busted flossin with someone else's pics. Twitter: @jtolmedia @shebeshonuff @boughettorising IG: @BoughettoRising Facebook: facebook.com/jtolmedia facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks E-mail: jtolmedia@gmail.com Website: www.jtolmedia.com

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