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Welcome to Loose Ends.

The Singh Family Tragedy.

The vicious, callous, extremely brutal murder of 3 young siblings in Brisbane Queensland in 2003.

The bodies found in a hot, bubbling spa bath days later.

An exhaustive 5 plus year police investigation resulted in the arrest and conviction of Max Sica, boyfriend of one of the victims and suspect from day one of the police investigation.

When you join the many dots in the Crown circumstantial case, Max Sica is the obvious offender.

But why are there so many loose ends.

Witnesses who were not called to give evidence.

Questions that remain unanswered.

Things that just don’t add up.

Max Sica is a convicted criminal, liar, cheat, manipulator, as well as being possessive and controlling.

But is he a killer?

As well as presenting evidence from the trial, you will hear of witnesses who were not called.

Evidence that had it been known, would have taken the investigation in an entirely different direction.

Down another one of the myriad rabbit holes connected with this case.

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