Reading Hillsong


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The Houstons of Hillsong have written and promoted many holy texts over the 40+ years they've been in business. Some of them are still promoted, or quoted, and others have become rarer and rarer as time goes on. A group of us felt it was important for people to be able to access these books and for these gospels to be read aloud for research and history purposes. We are the community of those involved in The Australian Assemblies of God movement, Hillsong, C3, ACC, et al and/or those affected by such religions. These are our cultural texts, written by the Houston men and women of Christian Life Centres and Hillsong who say they hear directly from their Christian God. We are a culture now that so many years have passed. Some of these texts are too rare to access, some too expensive, and some forbidden by the author. But they are OUR texts, and they were sold to us once as being urgent to read and absorb. To disregard them as no longer meaningful would cast infinite doubt on the current texts being touted as the new bestseller. Reading Hillsong is an audible presentation of literary works of the Pastors Houston with the words they wanted others to imbibe not that long ago. Each chapter has its own reader to ensure diversity and prevent the bias of a single narrator. Each reader is from our culturally Pentecostal community and is brought to you from the heart. Leaving Hillsong is delighted to present to you for your education, history, and listening pleasure: Reading Hillsong

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