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In his interviews for the Sparkr Podcast, Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen unveils the mindsets, principles and world views of remarkable and inspiring people or organizations. Learn what great leadership means, how to build high performance creative teams, how to navigate the world of business in todays rapidly changing environment or how to spot the trends that matter. Sparkr is all about seeing, making sense of and creating change. The Sparkr Podcast series features those who see, those who understand and those who create the future. Thank you for subscribing and sharing those episodes that bring value to someone you know. Learn more about Sparkr on Do you want the host Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen to host or facilitate one of your business events (strategy workshops, conferences etc.)? Learn more on Do you want to benefit from Sparkr as a strategic sparring partner or get access to Sparkr's free "Strategy Handbook" (only available in German)? Check out Thanks to all the guests of the Sparkr Podcast who make this series so engaging and fascinating.

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