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Welcome to Conservative Minds – a podcast about conservative ideas and thinkers. We explore what it means to call yourself a conservative, where conservatism has been, and where it's going. Each week, we select readings and conduct a discussion to share with you our investigation. Join the conversation by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter at @consminds.
The American media is no longer neutral, instead, they use their megaphone to influence American power. The ideals of America have been hijacked by people who otherwise dislike or hate American Ideology. The left presents a 'my way or the highway' argument and for decades conservatives have been letting them be—choose to ignore the ignorance. We’ve reached the tipping point and must change our very nature to fight against the liberty stripping ideals. This Podcast is meant as a tool for comm ...
The Conservative Business Journal podcast is hosted by John Di Lemme - speaker, author, capitalism strategist, conservative political commentator, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal. Featuring the Who's Who in the Conservative Movement based on their commitment to stand strong and never cower down to the liberal left. John is a fierce fighter of Conservative values that are the foundation of America.
The Saving Elephants Podcast features engaging conversations about conservative values with a mercifully modern twist. Tired of political shock-talk and rank punditry on your radio and TV? Curious about what conservative thinkers of yesteryear had to say but don't have time to read some terribly long, boring book they wrote? Want to learn why conservatism still holds value for Millennials today? Join us as we re-ignite conservatism for Millennials!
Conservative ideas are no longer welcome on most college campuses—or anywhere else. If you are a conservative student or professor, or just interested in the conservative intellectual tradition, this podcast is for you! Join Johnny Burtka and James Davenport for in-depth conversations with leading thinkers on the most important issues facing conservatism.
Jamie Schmale started his career covering news, municipal politics, and sports on FM Radio. Now, after entering politics he takes his seat behind the mic as host of Canada’s Conservative Podcast. Sit down with us and our host as we unpack Canada’s hottest topics, current events and discuss policy on the Blueprint.
Brian Lovig of Right Edition enjoys a powerful sounding board for preaching the strengths and virtues of capitalism while exploiting the nonsensical values of the left. Brian says that there is too much government, too many rules, too much red tape and basically that the left has complicated our lives while taking our freedoms. And he’s going to keep fighting the system.
Searching for truth, I go over news from around the country and expose the lies, hypocrisy, and danger we face today. With America on the brink of socialism, news outlets becoming pure propaganda, disinformation and cancel culture on a rampage, we need truth and transparency now more than ever. Join me every Tuesday and Friday for my latest episodes.
You've liked him on Facebook, you follow him on Twitter. Now hear him live on Conservatives envy him and Liberals hate him. He hits every issue hard and with facts and if you aren't careful he can and will live rent free in your head! No holds barred and no punches pulled if you are on the wrong side of an issue he will call you out regardless of party affiliation. He is Grouchy Aka The Conservative Curmudgeon
A podcast detailing the ins and outs of the current political climate and situation. You will indulge in the Conservative world of politics and discuss the direction of politics today. I hope to start a youth conservative movement that will foster the beliefs of the GOP. I am the founder and proud supporter of Asian Youth for Conservative Thought. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at
Insights for long-term stock pickers. Make better decisions when faced with the inherent uncertainty of stock picking. Hi! I’m AndrĂ©. Here’s my investing style: Fundamental approach Ten year timeframes or more Very concentrated, with almost 90% of my invested portfolio in a few individual companies Low turnover: a median and average of two individual stock trades per year Circle of competence: consumer brands Geographies: Europe and US
Mind Lob, the hive mind antidote for Conservative Christians. The goal of this podcast is to share thoughts and encourage free thought. Ken Carroll is the host of Mind Lob. If you are looking for a place to explore ideas and the freedom to draw your own conclusions, Mind Lob could be the place for you.To help fund the podcast, visit
A podcast on everything you've always wanted to know about sex and female pleasure. Licensed psychologist and sex and relationships therapist Rica Cruz has made it her mission to help us women learn and own our sexual selves. We'll talk about everything you've always wanted to know about sex and female pleasure, and help each other embrace and unleash our inner sexy goddesses.
If you are a conservative like me it seems we are living in a world where less and less makes sense, and the people around us are losing their minds and drifting farther and farther away from reality. But we are far from alone! I am a regular guy, living in a blue state, who grew up in a different America. One that I think can largely be restored. I'm an optimist, a Trump supporter, I believe in the Constitution, support our military, and am a proud person of faith who loves this country and ...
In the midst of a culture of chaos, a clear voice is necessary to cut through the noise and challenge the prevailing narrative of the day. The Establishment liberals and their minions in media, education and politics have confounded and distorted the debate on any and every issue in America. With their false presumptions, intimidation, denial of reality, and hostile purposes, they have perpetuated an erroneous view of everything we hold dear and sacred in this civilization and enacted a brut ...
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The Reawaken America Tour is ALMOST sold out! Thankfully you can still watch from wherever you are at! Stay tuned for details on how to do that! â–ș Sign Up For Our Newsletter! - â–ș MEET US IN PERSON!! Text EVENTS to (816) 579-1144 to learn more â–ș Watch ALL our content in FULL on Rumble! â–ș S

Today, we welcome Clay Clark onto the show, the host of The Thrivetime Show! We talk about Milley's treason, COVID BS, and a whole host of other topics. And Clay is fired up! Check out our new Restore The Republic t-shirt! If you want to support the show, you can donate here: http://

In this episode of the CBJ Real News Podcast Show, John Di Lemme interviews Dr. Elizabeth "Betsy" Eads who exposes the truth about the jab/vaccine patents and the fraud involved in getting the patents. As you know, John Di Lemme and the CBJ Real News Podcast Show have been targeted by Big Tech, banned on YouTube for life and demonetized on Google p

Sterilizing handicapped women? Buck vs. Bell 1924 SCOTUS decision permits eugenics to eradicate “imbeciles” after a 1902 vax mandate stands. This is precedent to enforce compulsory vaccination? From same court that upheld slavery (Dred Scott) and segregation (Plessy vs. Ferguson).Von Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Dennis Prager, Victor Davis Hanson, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin. Afghanistan, Ivermectin, The Web of Lies and Time to Home School. Dennis Prager Ivermectin continues to show efficacy Victor Davis Hanson This is the greatest loss of military equipment in warfare history Mark Levin- Web of Lies Dennis Prager Podcasts The Dennis Prager Show Sep 09 2021

Written Post: 0:00 Intro 0:18 Summary 2:15 Passive ownership = zero-sum 4:48 Action points Summary The company you own produces new goods and services, so it isn’t a zero-sum case; Passive ownership is useless to everyone but yourself; Entrepreneurship is a direct contribution to 

Conservative Conversations with ISI: Episode 17 - Marlo Safi In this episode... A listener question on the founding fathers A conversation with ISI’s National Director of Student Programs Links: ISI Honors Conference The Collegiate Network CN Fellowships The New Thinkery Firing Line The University Bookman Books Mentioned: Land of Hope, Bill McClay 

Dennis Prager speaks with Rod Dreher, editor of The American Conservative and author of best-selling book, "Live Not by Lies," about the rise of communism and how Leftism is the precursor to something far more dangerous. See for privacy information.Von Salem Podcast Network
As medical, personal, financial and religious liberties have been tossed aside by GOP leaders over the past 18 months, many have a simple question: Where is the Republican party that traditionally defends Constitutional freedoms? A number of truly Conservative GOP County chairmen have formed a conservative alliance to help the state party find its 

May The Odds Ever Be In Your FavorSeptember 14th, 2021Tonight on The Caramel Conservative:Coming off of the heels of the Waupaca County Republican Party’s Rally for Liberty, I want to give some thoughts on the potential candidates running for state offices in the state of Wisconsin, continue the conversation about the need to return to masculine va

Jimmy Lee Tillman sits down with Conservatives’ Guide to talk about Critical Race Theory and how BLM’s efforts to re-write history is destroying America. Author os Tillman’s Handbook of Great Black American Patriots & Guide to the National Parks and Landmarks, Statues, Museums, and Historic Places dedicated to them. Jimmy shares some stories about 

6 Killed, 62 Wounded In Chicago Weekend Gun Violence At least 62 people have been shot so far this weekend in Chicago, and six of them have died. Eleven of the victims so far have been children under age 18. Southbound Bishop Ford Freeway Ramp To 130th Street Shut Down For Shooting Investigation Early Monday morning, a 16-year-old boy was shot whil

Hello, everyone, out there in Blog Talk Radio Land! This is your host and friend, the Sand Tiger, DJ Southeast Vince, coming at you from a place called Durham, NC, and this is Black By Color Only on CNM Radio. On this show, I will discuss current events and issues that affect the black race and I will take on the Apostles of Blackness. Hopefully, y

9/11 Headlines It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the devastating terror attack on September 11, 2001. The memories seem so fresh. But are they? In this episode you’ll hear my memories, a listener’s memories, and a Romanian’s ruminations on how we came together in the days following. Mentioned links: One man’s ‘mirror for America’ (

I got your mandate right here! So Joe Biden (well, his handlers, those in control) are going full dictatorship. People have been watching Australia thinking "That could never happen here" - well, here's the attempt. I go over Joe Biden's pathetic little speech where he assumes himself to be king, talk about what an idiot he is, and talk about how p

After we lose 13 service members in a terrorist attack I can no longer ignore the elephant in the room. Joe Biden is weak and frail, the rest of the world is laughing at us and American citizen are now dying. Please pray for our country. Anchor - (leave a message) Facebook -

America’s history of bigotry and racism have left wounds that fester to this day. How might the country make amends to those racial minorities who were harmed? To what extent are white Americans responsible for addressing wrongs perpetrated by their ancestors? To what extent can the effects of these past sins be measured and known? These are not ea

As the bodies of 13 dead Americans returned home in flag-draped caskets for a heroes remembrance, the commander in chief gets caught on national television continually checking his watch, as if to illustrate that somehow, this process needed to speed up, or perhaps this somber time or pomp and circumstance was keeping him removed from his favorite 

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