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Hi, I'm Heather
I am a salon business strategist and coach.
I help salon and suite owners attract Ideal clients and stylists, run ideal promotions, and create raving fans. By understanding what today's consumer wants and over-delivering on what she expects, it doesn't matter where you live or the size of your salon, you can dominate in your marketplace.
I've been in this industry since I've been 15. As a stylist, an educator, salon owner, and business consultant I have seen this industry from every angle.
I have worked alongside legendary industry visionaries that have taught me to not only focus on what is happening now, but also what is around the corner.
I have received a certification in Social Media for Business, and have studied extensively in the area of Marketing, Coaching and Identity Branding
What motivates people to do what they do, and buy where they buy is key.
I have been working right beside you throughout this entire pandemic. The strategies that once worked are failing us. Though pre booking, Instagram and referrals are still good practice they are not enough.
New Times need new solutions. Let me take you behind the veil and show you what the most successful salons of this new era know that you don't. No old news here.
You are geniuses. Let's figure this out!
I am passionate about your success!
What others say:
I have never been so profitable as i have been during this pandemic. In fact, during the last shut down I had to renovate to accommodate new stylists. Heathers the real deal. Trust her. She knows her stuff!
-Karla James, Beyond Beauty
"Heather pushes you to see what is possible. She thinks of things you never thought of. She understands what motivates people and just gets you in front of them. I highly recommend working with her. You have no idea how much easier life can be."
-Fran Harrison, Studio H

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