#7 (EN): The Power of Storytelling, Design Thinking and Serendipity


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In this entertaining and insightful episode of the Sparkr Podcast we talk about the power of stories, why they are crucial for your organization and personal life, how you craft a great, persuasive vision and much much more. This episode will inspire you as a professional and as an individual because we are all happier and more successful if we get our storytelling right. Please join me for this conversation with Jennifer Greenwood who's been perfecting and applying her storytelling and design thinking skills for over a decade. Most recently, she was a manager at Apple, where she amplified Apple's culture across its 450+ retail stores in 18+ countries. Today she turns ideas into stories that matter for clients everywhere with the means of mindful communication and storytelling. Learn more about Jennifer, Sparkr and the podcast on www.sparkr.ch/podcast In his interviews for the Sparkr Podcast, Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen unveils the mindsets, principles and world views of remarkable and inspiring people and organizations from all walks of life. Other episodes of this podcast cover topics such as the culture and mindsets inside Facebook and why they are the most important performance hack for the company (episode #2 at Facebook) or how you can train exponential thinking and approach risk (episode #4 with unicorn investor).

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