#143: The Future of Sleep with Matteo Franceschetti


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Did you know that more than 30% of Americans struggle with their sleep?

In this episode, we are talking with Matteo Franceschetti, the Co-Founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, the sleep fitness company. Along with his obsession for athletic performance, business performance, and now sleep performance Matteo and his team are the pioneers of sleep fitness technology.

Matteo has always been an athlete with an obsession with recovery and performance. After spending time as a securities lawyer and launching companies in the renewable energy space he rediscovered his passion for optimizing his body’s performance. He realized there was an incredible need for smarter sleep products and this was where the idea for Eight Sleep was born! Their tech enabled mattress, the Pod significantly enhances your sleep quality through thermoregulation. Over the course of the night, the Pod detects your changing body temperature via sensors built into the mattress and sends its data to their app to track all of your vital information. They have recently created their Pod Pro Cover, which adds their patented thermoregulation technology to your existing mattress. While Eight Sleep has already made huge strides in the sleep fitness technology industry, they have only just begun!

In today’s episode, we discuss Matteo’s journey to becoming CEO of Eight Sleep and what the future of sleep technology has in store for us. We cover the impact that sleep deprivation has on not only our health but how it has also caused billions of dollars and millions of working hours lost globally. Matteo also gives his insight into the future of sleep and sleep technology. During this conversation, we think outside the box and predict just how the future will change the way we look at sleep.

So relax! And listen to how you can achieve a better night’s sleep!

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