Interview with Sudarsh Sadashivan Namboothiri – Brahmin-Priest & Yogateacher


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Sudarsh doing a vedic fireritual

In 2017 I travelled in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to visit some important Temples of Southindia. Fortunately I met Sudarsh, who became a good friend and partner. We did several tours together with groups and had a lot of fun. I am happy to have a few friends in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, wich I fully trust and love working with them. When he came to teach in Germany in 2019, we enjoyed meeting each other in Speyer. I am happy that we have made this Interview, but it went lost under many files in my computer. Now I have found it back. 🙂

Interview with Sudarsh

The interview is in english.

Sudarsh Sadashivan Namboothiri – Spiritual teacher with in-depth knowledge

Sudarsh is a Spiritual teacher in different schools of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Tantrashastra, Mantra Yoga, Vedanta, Vedic chanting and Yogic diet. He was born and brought up in a traditional Brahmin family in Mavelikara, Kerala, South India. From childhood itself he was inclined to spiritual practices and mastered Tantric studies, Pooja, Homa, Mantra Shastra and Vedic Chanting. After finishing his graduation in English literature he decided to dedicate his life completely for learning and sharing the knowledge of Yoga and Tantra. He Finished his four years of intense yoga and yoga therapy studies in gurukula system under the guidance of Acharya Harilalji at Arsha Yoga (Kerala) and continued his spiritual learning from sivananda ashram (Madurai), the divine life society (Rishikesh), Vipasana Meditation (Dehradun) Sivananda yoga vidya peethom(Kerala), and completed his training in yin yoga.

Sudarsh Learned and practicing an effective system of yoga therapy under the guidance of Yogacharya chandran master who is the founder of Bodhanada yoga, he is initiated to an auspicious system called “sree vidya sampradaya “ (worship of mother goddess) from his Tantrik Guru M.T. Viswanathan, it considered to be the ultimate teaching in Tantra. Nowadays he is well known for his accurate Poojas and knowledge about the backgrounds. He is working together with the famous Kalari-master Kuttoosan Ji and he wants to build up an own Ashram.

I am very happy to travel with him frequently, here our South India Temple-Trip. Interviews mit bemerkenswerten Menschen

Sudarsh and Narada at Mount Arunachala

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