#92 What is a real man? - Conversation with Richard Ayling


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In this weeks episode Wanda has Richard Ayling in the Podcast.

Richard Ayling is a transformational coach, speaker and embodiment facilitator, with over fourteen years’ experience in training and personal development. After overcoming an autoimmune disease and creating a successful business, he now teaches self-awareness for mindful living around the world, specialising in self-worth, mindfulness meditation, and somatic practices like breathwork, Qi gong, and yoga. His mission is to be a force for change in the world of men's work: to show men how to value themselves and each other, deepen their relationships, and feel confident in what they have to contribute to the world.

In this conversation we will touch on the following topics and questions:

  • Rethinking the idea of what it means to be a man
  • Misconceptions and beliefs around what it means to be a man
  • Why are men so far behind to women in personal development?
  • Why do men struggle with getting in touch with their feelings and communicating about them?
  • Why do men need to learn to be more real
  • Why it’s important to drop the mask of being the "strong provider" all the time
  • Relationship and polarity dynamics between men and women

Links to Richard's Work:

His website: https://www.re-align.co IG: richrealign
YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCgPM1XBK1PjsYsTRhZNoPJA

Men’s Programm: https://manrealigned.lpages.co/man-re-aligned/

Goodie for you: The first 10 men showing up that a curious about getting more real get a private coaching session with Rich for free !! Be one of the first and follow this link: https://calendly.com/richrealign/wandaful-coaching-session

Men’s Circle at Rose of Fire Online Yoga Studio ( English/Deutsch): https://www.wandabadwal.com/event/mens-circle/

Get to know Rich at his Meditation & Yoga classes: Get to know Rich in his Pranayama & Meditation or Yoga classes at our Online Studio - Rose of Fire: The first class is for free: https://www.eversports.de/scl/rose-of-fire-yoga-by-wanda-badwal

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