Revision 410: Cliqz Browser and Search Engine


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In München steht ein Softwarehaus — Eins, Zwei, Browser! 🎶
Die Bringen einen Browser raus — Eins, Zwei, Browser 🎶
Mit einer Suchmaschine dran — Eins, Zwei, Browser 🎶
Die alles kann, was Google kann
Doch an die Daten kommt kein andrer ran
Der Browser ist auch superschnell
Nur wie ist das Geschäftsmodell? 🍻 🎶 🎺

For all our English listeners (and everybody else who is scratching their head due to their lack of knowledge in Bavarian folklore — who could blame you?!): Welcome to the most recent revision of Working Draft, where Krzysztof Modras is telling us how to build your own browser based on Firefox. He also answers the most burning question: why does Europe need its own search engine.

Show Notes

[00:01:00] Cliqz
Cliqz is a browser with an integrated search engine. It shall deliver the same user experience as Google’s ecosystem, but with a strong focus on privacy. Cliqz is based on Firefox, and Krzysztof is telling us how to contribute to the Firefox project, how to write your own UI using web technologies, and what challenges you have to face. We also take a good deal to talk about privacy. Why a European privacy-first search engine matters and what trackers and third-party spyware can do to you. We also referenced the iOS version of their browser as well as their very thorough and interesting to read tech blog. Enjoy!

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