We need to celebrate the fact that we have so much human variation! Max Sauber in conversation with Je'anna L Clements


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For my first episode in English I'm very happy to have Je'anna L Clements from South Africa as my guest to talk about her new book What if School Creates DYSlexia? , her journey discovering "Self-Directed Education" and founding a "Sudbury School" in South Africa called Riverstonevillage.
Je’anna Clements (B.A. Psych Hons.) is a writer with a commitment to furthering the fulfillment of young people’s human rights, with a special focus on the rights to participation, education and play. She is a facilitator and international facilitator-trainer in the growing field of Self-Directed Education (SDE), a form of education that is consent based and brings these three rights fully into play. She is the author of the forthcoming Helping The Butterfly Hatch series of books intended to support public education in transitioning to SDE.
Je’anna is determined to see young people’s rights reach new levels of respect, protection and fulfillment. She is also a co-founder of FHREE

What if School Creates DYSlexia? Is now available in print! You can order from fhreebooks@gmail.com and also buy on Amazon here

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