International Freedom in Education Day 2020 Interview with Heather MacTaggart (Canada)


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What is a Free Learner and is it time you became one? Heather MacTaggart explains to Max Sauber from FHREE that we have the right to say 'no' to certain things in education, and it's time to claim your power! Find out how to take on the system and declare yourself a Free Learner in this short, clear interview recorded by FHREE for International Freedom in Education Day 2020 Heather MacTaggart is the founder of, a movement that empowers parents, learners, and educators to transform public schools into places that support Free Learners. She has been working tirelessly for 23 years to transform the school system. Systems that are designed to serve people but end up getting in the way of healthy, happy, productive lives make her crazy. In this conversation Heather re-frames education reform and reminds us that we are in charge. We can insist that public resources be used for the good of kids. Learn how to join the Unschooling School movement - put the power back where it belongs – in the hands of the learners and their families. Discover how Unschooling School guides learners to become Free Learners by creating Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to personalise learning and opt out of classes that don’t interest them. Educators are invited to become Responsible Subversives who create a school within a school for Free Learners. Heather and her Unschooling School core team have 229 years of experience in the school system, working in 45 towns and 11 countries.

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