WIP 805: Wholesaling Quicktip - The Mindset Plunger - How to Remove Negative Thoughts, Fears, and Doubts


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You are the sum of your thoughts. What you think, feel, and do today will determine where life takes you tomorrow- make this moment yours with a positive mindset! Brent Daniels will be talking about the 3 important things an entrepreneur needs to do in order to remove negativities. He will then identify how genetic inheritance plays a great part in our decisions.

The way you are right now is not who your true self is, but it's something to work on. Your genetics and free will battle with one another as they try to figure out what kind of person should live within us all--but we do have the ability to make our own choices; take action towards those goals regardless if someone else tries telling us differently. Be the best version of yourself by following through with what you think and feel. Your thoughts will lead to a better tomorrow- today starts now.


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