Episode 46: Reinforced Allegiances


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Reinforcements have arrived at Major Walsh’s camp, backed up by one of the legendary Dashwood colonels. While the guests settle in, Johnny works up the courage to follow his heart. Will things heat up between Johnny and Siobhan, or will it blow up in their faces? Find out in this week’s episode of Wasteland Active Radio.


Written and Produced by: Z Hagen and J Wilson

Featuring Brit Egesdal from Milburt Productions. Check out their channel for all your nerdy and geeky entertainment needs!

Crispy: J Wilson
Bucket: J Wilson
Private Miller: J Wilson
Donny The Clown: J Wilson
Atlas: Z Hagen
Dave: Z Hagen
Badger Boy: Z Hagen
Private Smoker: Z Hagen
Johnny: B Sewick
Siobhan: Brit Egesdal
Colonel Grimm: Brad "Klowd" Stacie

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