School's Closing Again


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School is officially out until at least November 30th, because a high school party caused an increase in COVID-19 cases in our school district. November 5th was a crazy day for me at school. I got a Email in the middle of my class, which stated "Given the steady increase of COVID in the region and our district, we have made the very difficult decision to CLOSE THE DISTRICT effective at the end of today (Thursday November 5th). Students will return to face to face instruction on Monday November 30th." And getting this email in the middle of class of course I read it out loud to my sister, and apparently I read it a little too loud because I looked up, and the whole class was staring at me. The teacher then said "Well I guess I can tell you now, that everyone has found out" and proceeded to tell us the plan. Then I got sent to the store by my teacher to buy zip lok bags for pottery! 😂 In other news, towards the end of the podcast I left and was wondering if my mom noticed. In short terms yes, and before I got home I got a text message of a list of things she needed me to pick up, So I wasn't in trouble, but actually helpful. Link to my Pinterest board of podcasts i've saved : Link to my blog : If you would like to contact me send me a DM on instagram @margaret_knecht --- Support this podcast:

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