143: Luxury Wine Marketing, Dom Pérignon, Must-Have Gadgets with Robert Vernick & Peter Yeung


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What are the six key elements that define a luxury wine? What’ll surprise you about Dom Pérignon that makes it different from other luxury wines? Which two wine gadgets must you own as a wine lover?

In this episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, I'm chatting with Robert Vernick and Peter Yeung, co-hosts of the XChateau podcast.

You can find the wines we discussed at https://www.nataliemaclean.com/winepicks.


What are the six elements that define luxury wine?

Which luxury wines are on Robert’s bucket list?

What’s it like to have a wine tasting with the winemaker for Dom Pérignon?

How is Dom Pérignon Plénitude even more luxurious than standard vintages?

Which luxury wine would Peter give a score of 100 points?

How does aging on the lees impact a wine’s taste and texture?

What makes Dom Pérignon a distinctive luxury brand?

Who was Dom Pérignon?

What are the four categories of luxury wine buyers?

What’s Robert’s approach to buying and collecting luxury wine?

What does Peter love about the 2013 Oddero Barolo?

Why should you add RAEN wines to your must-try list?

How can you pair 2013 Oddero Barolo and RAEN Pinot Noir with food?

What are Peter and Robert’s favourite wine gadgets?

Key Takeaways

I found their discussion of the elements that make a wine a luxury brand fascinating, especially the psychological motives beyond simply drinking a fine wine.

It’s quite a feat for Dom Pérignon to produce 5 million bottles almost every year and still have consumers believe in its rarity and scarcity.

Brand stories are central no matter what you’re selling. People relate to people, not things. We remember the story of Dom Perignon even if we get some aspects of it confused like he tried to get the bubbles out of his wine, not in, though he was a master blender.

I’ve since purchased a box of Repour closures and I think they are making a difference. I also bought the Durand Corkscrew, though I have yet to use it - hoping for a dried-out cork soon.

Watch Party

Join me for the debut Watch Party of the video of this conversation that I’ll be live-streaming for the very first time on Zoom on Wednesday, September 1st at 7 pm eastern.

You can save your spot for free right here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HIjNiuE7R-OexJCsmoPGrg. I’ll be jumping into the comments as we watch it together so that I can answer your questions in real-time.

I want to hear from you! What’s your opinion of what we’re discussing? What takeaways or tips do you love most from this chat? What questions do you have that we didn’t answer?


You could win a personally signed copy of Peter’s book, Luxury Wine Marketing published by Infinite Ideas in Oxford, U.K.

How to Win

All you need to do is comment on my post on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn before 7 pm EDT on September 1st.

I’ll select the winner randomly from those who participate. You get a bonus entry for every wine-loving friend you tag and if you re-share this post in your stories.

Good luck!

About Robert Vernick and Peter Yeung

Robert Vernick and Peter Yeung co-host the XChateau podcast that features insights, analysis, and perspectives on news and trends in the wine industry beyond winemaking, such as marketing, finance, and consumer trends.

Robert is a noted wine blogger who holds the WSET Diploma. Peter is wine business consultant and the award-winning author of Luxury Wine Marketing published by Infinite Ideas in Oxford, U.K. He was named one of Wine Business Monthly's 2020 Wine Industry Leaders.

To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit https://www.nataliemaclean.com/143.

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