UI5 NewsCast 027 Bringing TypeScript to UI5


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Recently the TypeScript programming language has become quite popular. It has become an essential part of many developers’ environments. The UI5 development team has looked into this subject as well and has made the necessary arrangements to support the usage of TypeScript in UI5 projects. Andreas Kunz, Lead Architect of UI5, is the leading developer in this task. This episode is full of his fascinating insights into the current state of the TypeScript support in UI5 as well as useful information on a range of topics related to UI5 and TypeScript.



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1. Start (00:00:11)

2. What is TypeScript (00:02:13)

3. Debugging TypeScript code (00:08:37)

4. Why does UI5 care about TypeScript? (00:09:54)

5. Why TypeScript now? (00:14:35)

6. What has been done to support TypeScript? (00:17:00)

7. Do I need to migrate all my UI5 stuff? (00:23:16)

8. Is UI5 going to be converted to TypeScript? (00:27:46)

9. Ready to be used? (00:29:34)

10. How to get started (00:34:55)

11. Good Bye (00:42:51)

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