UI5 NewsCast 026 How to Deal with OData in UI5


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The OData (Open Data) model of UI5 enables web-based applications to easily use the OData protocol for communication with application servers. Currently UI5 supports OData Version 2.0 and OData Version 4.0 in a given model implementation. Why have different model implementation approaches been chosen for the two versions? What are the similarities and differences? To get to the bottom of these questions, Christoph Haffner talks to Patric Ksinsik and Thomas Chadzelek, both developer architects for the UI5 model. Together they walk through the steps of requesting, querying and modifying data in an OData service and compare the approaches when using the OData V2 model or the OData V4 in UI5, They also disclose interesting facts from development and things worth knowing using OData with UI5. Listen on and find out more.



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1. Start (00:00:11)

2. Introduction Thomas Chadzelek (00:01:14)

3. Introduction Patric Ksinsik (00:01:40)

4. OData in a nutshell (00:02:07)

5. Why using OData? (00:05:44)

6. Using OData in applications (00:15:05)

7. Sorting and filtering (00:21:39)

8. Reading data (00:23:45)

9. Updating data (00:30:50)

10. Creating data (00:38:26)

11. Deleting data (00:42:18)

12. Running operations on data (00:44:07)

13. Data aggregation (00:48:11)

14. Hierarchies - supported in V2 open in V4 (00:51:17)

15. Final tipps (00:52:53)

16. Good Bye (00:53:46)

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