Sam Laidlow - Young and passionate Pro Triathlete you should have on your radar


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Aloha! My guest today is a new upcoming pro triathlete everybody should have on the radar – his name is Sam Laidlow! Remember the name!

Sam was born in the UK but lives now in the south of France together with his parents and brother and in the next almost 90 minutes we talk about when and how he got into triathlon, what triathlon means for him, his main goal as a pro triathlete, his race experiences and performances so far (like at Challenge Gran Canaria this year 2021), his upcoming races, a race which he and his family organize and is definitely worth checking out as well, and many other topics

Wish you a lot of fun with the podcast interview with my guest Sam Laidlow.


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Further Infos:

My name is Marco Sommer and I hope that you enjoyed listening to this interview with Pro Triathlete Sam Laidlow.

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Mahalo nui loa for tuning in and have a great time.

Yours Marco
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