Episode 082: Shed Dog Training and Shed Hunting with Ryan Klinedinst


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This is Part II of the Gun Dog Podcast but in this episode we will be talking Shed Dog Training. Ryan Klinedinst joins me back on the mic to discuss how he's turned his dog Cypress into a Dual Purpose Gun Dog. Ryan and Cypress usually collect between 20 and 50 sheds a year down in South Carolina.

If you haven't listened to Part I be sure to go back and give that a listen or use the link below. Also if you have any questions for Ryan in regard to Gun Dog training or Shed Hunting you can hit him on on IG at @rmk5339

Gun Dog Training Podcast with Ryan Klinedinst

-Topics Discussed-

How to Train your Shed Dog

Areas to look for Sheds

Winter vs. Feeding Areas

Giant Sheds

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