3: Ms. Cheat Sheet Kathryn Cicoletti Helps You Reconsider That $30 Pilates Class


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In this episode I chat with Kathryn Cicoletti, the most fun and refreshing voice in the financial education space!

Kathryn has worked in the financial industry for over 15 years and runs her company, https://mscheatsheet.com/ to teach YOU about personal finance and investing with a fun twist: she weaves pop culture into the mix to keep you super engaged!

She wrote the book on investing... literally people, she wrote a book on investing, and you can read it HERE.

We decided to narrow our focus and discuss just one aspect of personal finance: BUDGETS.

Kathryn shares an exercise you can do IMMEDIATELY to get your arms around what's coming in and what's going out $$$

When Kathryn and I connected, I told her she was the ONLY financial person I follow online--so I hope you find her online and follow her, too!

Be sure to join me over at https://www.melissamccloud.co/

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