19: Mom in the Hot Seat! - Overcoming Perfectionism with Wendy Hutchinson of Alinea Life Coaching


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You know those friends that you can sit and chat with for hours and time just FLIES?

That's who Wendy Hutchinson is for me :)

She and I met in a biz networking group in Houston, TX and we connected right away. She's been a "mommy mentor" to me ever since, and I so admire the relationships she has with her two 20-something sons and her husband of over 30 years.

When I polled my clients, I found that almost 90% of you are married moms, so what better way to get a perspective on parenting and marriage than someone who's "been there, done that"!?

Wendy was raised in a Catholic, Asian household, so you can imagine the pressure that was on her to fit into a box and be a success. She shares about a spiritual shift she had that enabled her to break away from her family's expectations, and begin to parent the heart-centered way she felt was right. She was so gracious to let me pick her brain, share what she wished she'd done differently, and show the mommies with younger children the light at the end of the tunnel!

Take a listen, share with your mommy friends who are breaking their backs being perfectionists, and go find Wendy at http://AlineaLifeCoaching.com/



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