QnA | Training Your Own Kids, Phys Ed Fitness Tests & Improving Pull Ups / Push Ups


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STRONG Life Podcast ep. 299.

Here We GO!

In this QnA episode I tackle some questions that have been coming my way through Instagram and email.

The STRONG Life Podcast is brought to you by Sorinex - the Leaders in Strength Training Equipment.

Topics Covered in this episode:

- How should a Dad who is a Coach, go about Training his own Kids? What's my experience and advices with training my own kids?

- A Strength Coach who is also a Marine and Phys Ed teacher asks how to implement Fitness Testing for his middle school students

- A Young man asks about Improving Pull Ups / Push Ups to prep for Army Ranger Selection

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Feb 19 Business Seminar - https://businessofstrength.com/january/

Business Course for Strength Coaches & Garage Gym / Warehouse Gym Owners -


FREE Training Courses - http://ZachStrength.com

The Underground Strength Academy -


Bodyweight Bodybuilding -


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