QnA: Louie Simmons, Training Frequency, Business Advice for my Kids & More


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STRONG Life Podcast episode 306

This is part 2 from my IG QnA

Topics covered in this episode:

- The many lessons learned from Louie Simmons

- How often to train according to your goals

- What business advice do I give my own kids

- The struggle Coaches have giving credit to others

- The study technique I was taught in college that changed my ability to learn, retain and apply information

- My experiences and thoughts with the BIG Certifications

- Programming Sprints + Carries / Farmer Walk Variations

- How to Start a High School Strength & Conditioning Program in your own town

Plus MUCH More!

Resources Mentioned:

http://ZachStrength.com - FREE Training Courses

Iron Roots Videos





Louie Simmons Articles / Podcasts on the website:


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