Ep 178 - A Cross Stitch


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Knitting is out and cross stitch is in this week, as the temperature in the UK makes it a bit less fun to be playing with yarn. Nobody likes to knit with sausage fingers, after all. After discovering 8BitNorth Cross Stitch thanks to an uncharacteristically helpful suggested post on Facebook, I've tripled somersaulted into a cross stitch obsession. Having never had across stitch 'stash' before, I'm now edging ever perilously closer to having one. Guess it took some indie/Brtipop and pop culture themed cross stitch patterns to make a stitcher out of me! Full Shownotes and links at www.shinybees.com/178 Music this episode is with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys with 'I Need a Drink', available from iTunes.

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