Rosalind Watts - Is Covid19 interrupting our egos? Just like psychedelics?


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Dr. Rosalind Watts is the clinical lead at “Imperial Centre for Psychedelic Research”, which is connected to the Imperial College in London. One of the most important psychedelic research centers right now. Rosalind’s Ted Talk “Can Magic Mushrooms unlock depression” was one of the first talks I have ever seen on the topic of psychedelics. I loved Rosalinds very human, very patient support driven approach to the topic of psychedelic therapy and treatment resistant depression. I also love that we had great laugh about, how she and her university friends lived above a magic mushrooms shop in Birmingham back then. But our talk is about the future of psychedelic therapy, about micro dosing and how it can make you cry, instead of being super focused on “work stuff” and if it is a good thing, that our "business as usual" is interrupted now. “Hunger for nature, spending time together and new experiences is what we are seeing right now. And psychedelic therapy can play a huge role in this.” says Watts.

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