Ronan Levy - Do we need new words for sick and crazy?


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I am talking to Ronan Levy from "Field Trip Health" based in Canada. The company is providing clinics for evidence based legal psychedelic therapies to treat depression. But what I like about "Field Trip Health" is their attitude towards a really dated idea to call some people “sick” or “crazy”. Field Trip Health says, we treat people, not patients. “We are all sick and healthy at the same time. It’s just that some people need more support.” says Ronan.We discuss the design places for a psychedelic treatment should have. Should they look more like a spa? Or a clinic? Or do we need new designs? And do the “ well" need psychedelics to get “better"? Or should we only focus on clinically depressed people? But then again, these concepts and terms don’t work any more. Join me and Ronan talking new psychedelic solutions and why mindfullness is not enough anymore.

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