Monnica Williams, PhD: The experience of racism is an assault on mental health.


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My guest on the show today is Dr. Monnica T. Williams, certified licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. She received her undergraduate degree from M.I.T. in 1992 and she holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. Monnica is researching how PTSD symptoms can result from racism and what racial trauma and race-based trauma look like. Monnica also researches, partly in the context of MAPS, how to treat racial trauma with psychedelic-assisted therapy, such as with MDMA or Ketamine.I also talk to Monnica about diversity in the psychedelic science field, about the effects MDMA-assisted therapy can have on racial trauma, and what happens if your therapist might not be aware of their own racism. I think the questions we need to ask if it comes to the topic of race and mental health are quite endless. And we are only just starting.

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