Martijn Schirp - Magic Truffles know, what you want in your Life. Psilocybin & Purpose.


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In this episode I am having a conversation with Martijn Schirp, Co-Founder of Synthesis, a legal, modern, guided psilocybin retreat in Amsterdam. I went there last weekend, drank magic truffle tea and the insights were incredible. Martijn and his team manage to create an extraordinary atmosphere to dive in a psychedelics mushroom aka truffle experience. Over a weekend. Today, we talk answering big life questions with the help of psychedelics, finding your real purpose with the help of a truffle, just in case you lost it. We explain what to do against pre-trip nervousness, why Gwyneth Paltrow show is here now and why magic mushrooms can be a tool for our challenging times, if taken in the right set and setting. Enjoy the ride!

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