Karen Dougherty - COVID 19 Special. How to stop Pre-TSD! How Therapists can support Health Workers!


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Have your heard of PRE-TSD? The fear of things to come ? Most Health Workers are suffering from this, plus a proper PTSD after their time at the “frontline” as we call it now. I talk to Karen Dougherty from Ontario in Canada, the founder of the Ontario Covid Mental Health Network. She is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. She came up with a briliant idea. She created a network of therapists, that help to support nurses, doctors, erveryone working on the frontline. At this point, for them this can feel like going into a war zone. Which means they might have to deal with PTSD later, but often with a PRE-TSD: the plain fear of what can happen to them if they go to work in the morning. Karen has developed a great model therapists can copy & paste.

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