JR Rahn - We need new mental health drugs.


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The world is suffering from a big metal health crisis and new mental health drugs can be the answer to this crisis. My guest on the show is working on these new drugs: JR Rahn. He is the founder & Co-CEO of Mind Med, a global company that discovers, develops and deploys psychedelic inspired medicines and experiential therapies through FDA clinical trials. JR and I talk about the current status of mental health in the US, and the world, which seems to have never been near as bad as now. “Eleven per cent of Americans seriously considered suicide in June,” Rahn observed—a doubling since last year. “We’re not O.K.” says JR and this has been the case for a while, which turned JR into a passionate founder to help research LSD and MDMA in a new way and turn them into modern mind medicine. We also address JRs personal history with trauma, we discuss the Ritalin and the Xanax generation and why they are often the ones ending up taking anti depressants later in life. I always enjoy talking to JR, I love how passionate he is in bringing the psychedelic industry and renaissance forward, an I love how thinks I sound like a german spy from homeland. https://www.mindmed.co/

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