Finn Age Hänsel - What does Cannabis for Mental Health?


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My guest today is Finn Age Hänsel, Co -Founder of the Sanity Group, ([]) which also owns the CDB Brand VAAY. ([]) I am big fan of their night CBD Spray called “Mind, Cosy, Back,Doze” It’s my ritual before I go to bed. But back to Finn’s tech career, so far already very impressive. He founded 5 companies. He is an Entrepreneur and CEO for 7 years with a strong passion and and knowledge for product, brand, technology and consumer goods. And he started to speak out for a cannabis decriminalisation at the age of 17, in the conservative party CDU- even more impressive. But now Finn is fully engaging in the idea of Cannabis as a tool, to make life better and healthier, his company Sanity Group is developing innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products, which should be widely accessible. I talk to Finn, why and how Cannabis can be a mental health support system, why the winner of this US election are new mental heath drugs. We talk about his early days as a cannabis supporter in a political system and why life as an entrepreneur is so much better and more fun, if you have real mission. Like Finn.

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