Donick Cary - Why Sting, Ben Stiller and Deepak Chopra had a really good trip.


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We are going full entertainment and Netflix here! I talk to Donick Cary, the director of the Netflix movie called “Have a good trip”. Cary interviewed Sting, Deepak Chopra, Rosie Perez, Ben Stiller, Anthony Bourdain, Cary Fisher and Sarah Silverman about their psychedelic trips and how their lives and minds changed after their psychedelic experience. For good. Donick Cary gets the movie right, since he is a big shot Hollywood writer: he worked as the head writer at Late Night with David Letterman, he wrote for The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, HBO’s Silicon Valley. Carys uses a specific kind of humour, since he is trained in his writing for the Simpsons and Letterman. So how do you talk psychedelics with celebrities and make it entertaining and not an ego driven trip bragging? And will celebrities talking about this change the public opinion about these new tools? Well, if humour is part of the equation, “people will listen” says Cary. Or, as Deepak Chopra says “Life a trip,” and psychedelics might help to improve your ride.

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