David Bronner - How the perfect storm created a psychedelic renaissance


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David Bronner is an incredible American corporate executive and activist. As the top executive at Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, David has positioned himself as the “Chief Cosmic Officer” and is known for his activism around a range of issues, especially fair trade, sustainable agriculture, animal rights, and importantly to us, drug policy reform.Full disclosure: David's company Dr. Bronner’s have a special personal meaning to me and to The New Health Club, since the company generously sponsored the podcast for most of 2020 and will continue to do so in the new year. I met David in February this year for the first time in Germany for our first podcast together and none of us knew at that time that we would experience such an exciting year in psychedelics as the one that we’ve had. Dr. Bronner’s as a company has supported the most important decriminalization movements in the US this year such as DC Measure 81–Decriminalize Nature DC, which passed with 76% of the vote and supports the enforcement of laws against natural plant medicines. You might also remember that the chairwoman of Decrim DC Melissa Lavasani was on our show before the US election! Dr. Bronner’s also supported the Oregon Model, Measure 109 which passed with 56% of the vote and legalises regulated access to psilocybin therapy administered by trained state-licensed facilitators in a therapeutic setting. The model already made a big impact on the worth of stocks from both new psychedelic companies and startups.Dr. Bronner’s also supported Decrim Chicago and the spokesperson Daniel Carcillo, an incredible ex-NHL player, who treated his depression with psilocybin. Of course, we also had Daniel on our show too, a very emotional episode indeed and please check it out if you have not done so already.I am thrilled to have David on the show as our last guest for 2020. We talk the exciting year in psychedelics, why the US (and Europe) are so ready for new mental health drugs, we discuss David's German heritage (the Bronner family is originally from Heilbronn), the next level in the upcoming psychedelic world and we are even joined by David’s dog during our talk.

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