Amanda Feilding - Psychedelics once were the food of gods.


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I talk to Amanda Feilding, the “Countess of Psychedelics Science”, who you could say was somewhat of a psychedelic and scientific socialite in the sixties, and who has been a strong advocate behind the resurgence of psychedelic science and reform. Also known as Lady Neidpath and the Countess of Wemyss and March, she lives in Beckley Park, an estate just outside Oxford. Amanda’s contribution to global drug policy reform and early psychedelic research has been pivotal and widely acknowledged. She was first introduced to LSD in the mid-sixties, at the height of the first wave of scientific research into psychedelics. Impressed by its capacity to initiate mystical states of consciousness and heighten creativity, she quickly recognised its transformative and therapeutic powers. Today she is the owner of the Beckley Foundation, a UK-based think-tank and UN-accredited NGO, dedicated to activating global drug policy reform and initiating scientific research into psychoactive substances.

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