Amanda Eilian - What if mindfulness is not enough?


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My guest on the show today is Amanda Eilian. Amanda is an investor, the co-founder of __able partners, together with Lisa Blau in New York City. Able Partners is an investment fund focused on supporting visionary, early stage brands in the positive living space. And yes, Amanda has invested in Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP empire. Listening to Amanda feels like you hear a flawless lecture on the current state of investment in psychedelics. But also on the reasons, why psychedelics are on the rise. One of them: our increased (and commercialised) search for wellness, is a sign of a heavily inadequate social system and so, at one point the wellness “classics” like yoga, mindfulness, talk therapy, extremely healthy eating and mediation apps seem not enough any more to help us through life: the effect certain societies and surroundings have on us, can’t be resolved with simple “wellness” and “mindfulness” bumper stickers any more. Amanda plays an important part in introducing psychedelics to the lifestyle and the new wellness world. The “New York Times” recently featured able partners in the article “The Capital That Ate Wellness Is Going to Eat Your Mushrooms . Venture capital arrives for psychedelics” Able partners are also focused on areas that have historical stigma often resulting in underserved markets, meaning that Amanda is investing in companies dealing with mental health or sexual wellness. In this episode, Amanda and I talk Covid19 times, the new era of mental health, and why there is a problem with our old idea of wellness.

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