#13: Aaron Taylor - "You can't hide from it forever"


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The first song I heard of Aaron Taylor is his song "Blue", which to me sounds like part 2 to D'Angelo's classic "Untitled (How does it feel)" - and I instantly fell in love with Aaron's music. In the interview I talked with him about his love for music, his way into music and what made him start as a producer first, despite his obvious singing talent.


Admitting that he at first had self-esteem issues when it comes to music, the London-based producer and Soul singer finally started to sing his own songs and put them on SoundCloud. The response to it was great and he's now published two EP's and two Singles so far, and has just completed his first European Tour.

In the Interview you''ll also get to listen to two of his songs, "Blue", and "Be Alright" - so just tune in, and lay back and let The Healer Hip Hop take over.

More about Aaron Taylor on his Website.

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