Ep. 178 • What Just Happened in CA?? w/ Fred Jones @probeautyfederation


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Fred Jones, Chief Counsel of the Professional Beauty Federation of California, sued Gavin Newsom & the CA state gov't during the first shutdown of California salons. Within days of filing, salons & barbershops were reopened... and they just recently did it again.

This Week's Topics:

• Intro to the PBFC: raising the professionalism and defending the industry

• How PBFC has lobbied for our industry

• The lawsuits that are filed; what will they do?

• Discussion on the data: what is responsible for the spread?

• Financial Assistance options for the beauty pro

For more info on the PBFC go to:⁠ ⁠www.beautyfederation.org⁠ or www.facebook.com/PBFCalifornia/

Click here to join the PBFC:

www.beautyfederation.org/join To join the PBFC at the discounted rate, select the group rate of $25 and list Salon Republic as your salon.

To donate to the PBFC, click here:


Links for financial assistance:



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