Enjoy Christmas without a blowout - How to keep seeing results while partying hard


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Christmas is the time of year that makes us all fall off the wagon.
Multiple parties, gathering & events - mostly more than one each week - all with loads of food, snacks & often alcohol too
All of the things that make us feel bloated, sluggish & make our clothes tighter come January.
But wouldn't you love to be able to feel energised, keep the weight off, not feel bloated and actually ENJOY the time you spend with family & friends this year? And NOT have more hard work to do to lose weight in January?
Well, you CAN!
In this episode I give you my best & most simple tips to balancing your food & drink intake in the silly season so that you can actually enjoy yourself & still see amazing results with your fitness!
Listen in and have an amazing December - we've all earned it!
If you have any questions from this episode of would like some support with healthy eating choices for best results this Christmas, please don't hesitate to message me on Instagram here: @mj_fitlife
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