The Comedy Workshop Podcast: Episode#17 (The Musical)


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A new panel of comedians assigned a random topic and have a week to write 3-5 minutes of content on that topic. After each comic performs their set they are then provided feedback, suggestions, tags, etc. This week's edition is a special musical edition that we air live every 4th Wednesday. On this week's panel we have Ron Moore who is serenading us about Pet Shops; Tara-Christian Weidner who is spitting hot fire trying to sell us her Merchandise; on Keyboards we have Carolyn Sullins who is currently seeking her Prince Charming; playing the ukulele is Keh Dee as she sings and shares with us Popular Phrases and hosting is our lead Jester Lind playing the computer and going acapella while educating us on Anachronisms.

If you'd like to follow any of this week's comedians you can do so through social media: Jester Lind on @Jesterlind on all social media platforms, Tara-Christian Weidner on @Tarachristiancomedy on IG. Keh Dee @Keh.dee on Instagram. Carolyn Sullins at Carolyn Sullins on Youtube and Ron Moore on THE MANITOBA MONEYSHOT PODCAST on SoundCloud and most podcast platforms.

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